Quicky: FIVE NEW WAYS TO GREET PEOPLE (In times of covid-19)

March 30th 2020

"We, human beings are going through a very difficult time, our lives and our habits have been disrupted and we are now behaving in new ways, and taking new measures as we learn, day by day.

This project was born only a few weeks back when Coronavirus started to hit harder in Europe - and especially in our heads - as we began to understand something serious was going on.
The first thing we tried to change was how we greet people: we’re used to giving long hugs, complicated handshakes and tons of kisses, and all these started to feel somehow inappropriate and unsafe.
With the overwhelming torrent of information and (scary) news that gets to us every day, we created this little film aiming to address social distancing in a funny and positive way, with bright colours and playful characters, at least for a few seconds and creating awareness at the same time.

If we managed to get a tiny laugh out of you, we’ve reached our goal."

by Niceshit Studio