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A Holiday Dream

December 22nd 2023

Amid the merriment and mayhem of the Christmas celebrations, it can be easy to forget those unseen or under appreciated people behind the scenes who make it all possible, from cab drivers to nurses, to the family member who cooks for days to give us a wonderful festive feast.  

To honour these unsung holiday season heroes, the always amazing Niceshit teamed up with great friend and artist Lobulo to craft an absolutely delightful yuletide treat, combining stop motion puppets with 2D cel animation, drenched in the directors’ signature humour and charm.

Niceshit says,

“We have so much in common with Lobulo in terms of creativity, humor, friendship, and narrative so diving into a hand-crafted film and writing it together was a complete joy ride…We made this with so much love and with so many lovely people involved: infinite thanks to the incredible team of artists that joined us on this one, you are the best.  

Love, Niceshit & Lobulo, 2023”


Produced by: Niceshit & Lobulo
Written and Directed: Niceshit & Lobulo
Creative Directors: Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidmann, Guido Lambertini & Lobulo.
EP: Agusta Timotea
Art Directors: Rodier Kidmann, Lobulo & Carmen Angelillo.
Edit, Animatic & Storyboard: Guido Lambertini
Puppet Maker: Lobulo
Illustration: Silvia Tack
DOP: Fernando Sotelo
1AC-Focus Puller: Tatiana Poplawski
2D Animation: Josep Bernaus & Eze Cruz
2D Eyes Animation & Tracking:  Romain Loubersanes, Agustin Verrastro & Jaume Mestre
Clean-up: Julieta Soloaga, Yaiza Ortiz & Eze Cruz
Scale model maker: Gacy Sarubbi
3d Print: Tresdenou
3d Modeling: Daniel Souto
3d Cut: Xyloformas
Color grading: Alejandro Armaleo
Compositing: Matias Matrogiano, Lucas Di Rago & Carmen Angelillo
Still Photography: Agusta Timotea
Music & SFX: Ambrose Yu
VO artists: Jay Preston, Meg Hensley & Jonathan Regier
BTS: Luciano Del Pópolo
BTS Music: Manu Aguilar
Shooting Chef: Matias Lomanno
Shooting Set: Manso Studio
PR: Jenna Kirby
Special thanks to: Patricia Armada, Edi Ferreira, Aluzine, ZigZag Rentals, Napalm Rentals, Dubblelab & Ingi Guðjònsson