Tendril’s Brand Film for AutoStore

May 1st 2018

AutoStore is a Norwegian tech company leading innovation in the field of robotic cube storage automation. Simply put: it is a warehouse sized vending machine.

By installing smart robots to a grid system, AutoStore can produce space for four times more inventory than a traditional warehouse system. It is used in large eCommerce operations like Puma in LA, and for smaller storage facilities, like Gucci in Florence and everything in between. During a time of growing eCommerce vs green energy system needs, AutoStore have certainly established itself as the pioneer in the future of warehousing. “We’ve been developing our system for over 20 years and are experts in our technology, but the beauty of it is not that the robots use 100W or the carousel-mechanism at the ports - it is all the incredibly sophisticated technologies that work together efficiently, making it look like the most natural thing in the world,” says AutoStore’s Marketing Director Magne Hatteland. Tendril Studio teamed up with Worship to produce an elegant, sci-fi inspired brand film. Their first challenge was to truly immerse themselves in the technology by speaking directly with the lead engineers at AutoStore. Only then could they truly distill this sophisticated technology system into a clear message that triggers the imagination of all viewers.

To capture the beauty of this robotic choreography, Tendril sought inspiration in sorting & pathfinding algorithms, procedural grids, and spatial subdivision techniques.

Using boxes, dots and grids as our basic graphic units, we explored ways to communicate the sorting algorithm that the robot uses to retrieve a product within a bin anywhere on the grid. “Our intent was to develop a unique visual language for AutoStore that would convey efficiency and mastery of space and organisation,” says Nicolas Girard, Co-Director at Worship. “AutoStore has a dual nature. On one hand, it is a highly sophisticated and complex system, driven by deep product engineering and code. On the other hand, it is delightfully simple, elegant, and adaptive. The voice we imagined for AutoStore brought together the best of these qualities: the sophistication and minimalism of Apple, combined with the visionary futurism of brands like SpaceX, Tesla, or GE,” adds Chris Bahry, CD and Partner at Tendril.

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